Thursday, 28 April 2011

Website research


Storyboard plan

For my video which will be added into my website I will be going around and asking people about sexual health. This will be done like a one on one interview however it will not be in a room of any sort. The reason for my choice is so I am able to make people aware of the gaps in knowledge they have.
The video will start by text being seen in the beginning asking the question which will be asked to many of the public. Then after this the video will consist of all the interviewee’s replies being played one after the other. This video will be on a continuous loop so that when the page is opened it plays immediately. The reason for choosing this type of video is because I saw a similar type of filming when I was watching T.V and so I thought that I would like to feature this within my website. If everything was to go to plan, I feel that it would make the site look much better.   

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Main website breif

For my media task I have been asked to create a campaign website including sound and videos for this campaign. The site should be designed and created by me without using any existing materials. This includes a logo, original photographs, written text, audio video and easy navigation. I have to create a minimum of four pages for my website. Also any musical audio used (i.e. songs) then these should be from a copyright free source.
My website is going to be created for a sexual health (safe sex) campaign, which will be primarily aimed at teens. The website will consist of information on being safe either when in a relationship or when sexually active. Also contact information on who to talk to will be provided for the target audience in order for them to feel safe and confident in what they are doing. Research and statistics will be provided for the potential audience along with videos to back these up. The content used will show the following: 
·     Advice on prevention methods
·     The background of medical and health information
·     Physical description of the clinic i.e. facilities, contact, location, pictures.
·     Services. For example, an area of expertise, technologies available, costs of services if chargeable.
·     Navigation tool for the website.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Final school web pages

The pages bellow are what my school website looks like. I have finished this task and now will move on to creating my main website for sexual health.