Monday, 14 February 2011

Brief for school website

For my AS level coursework I have been given an assignment to design and create two working pages for a school websites using iweb. These pages will consist of features which are conventional to school websites. For example, a navigation bar along the page and the schools badge. Functioning links should be provided on the page without any errors. The layout for websites are to look as described. At the top of the page where will be the name of the school accompanied by the schools logo, two columns are to come down the sides of the page allowing users to find information easily.    Pictures used for my website will be taken by myself and also some might be processed by using Photoshop. The target audience for the website would be mainly parents looking for schools for their children to go to. As this is made for parents, the website will be formal and smart as I would want the website to be attracted to the site. The second working page will be of the media department for parents to look at a department and see what the school has to offer in terms of education. This media page will be interactive and will have clips of work which has been created by others.       

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