Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Web page sketches

The page above is the home page of the website. I will point out that the background is an image taken by me of a brick wall. The reason behind this because i would like everything on the site to stand out from the background and be clearly seen. The use of the colours is because i feel that they make the audience feel safe and at the same time happy as these certain colours are bright. At the top right of the page is the logo. I have designed it this way as it shows both signs of gender which is male and female. As well as this it also is the short abbreviated version of the name of the health clinic "The safe sex clinic". 

The second sketch represents the four other pages as the layout does not actually change because the text and images are inserted into the box. I have done this so that the website is very easy to use but also can be very useful with the information provided for the audience and users of this certain web. 

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